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Fagus syl Pendula
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Fagus sylvatica 'Pendula'


Description: Also known as Weeping Beech, a rather spectacular large weeping tree that takes on various forms. It typically is seen in two different forms: (1) upright central trunk that droops at the top with major branches extending outward horizontally before drooping sharply downward, sometimes reaching the ground, and (2) broad crown with spreading main branches and drooping side branches. The foliage is a lustrous deep green in summer, turning golden bronze in autumn.

History: The weeping variety of the European beech was developed in 1836 by the English horticulturist and writer, John Claudius Loudon who worked as a city and garden planner in London and wrote and edited for numerous garden magazines. Received the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.

Fagus Growing Tips: They will grow in most soils provided they are not waterlogged, and will tolerate most sites except coastal. They prefer full sun or partial shade.

Height and Spread (after 10 years): 10m x 5m

General attributes

Award-winning Award-winning
Text Green Foliage
Text Weeping

Ornamental attributes

Large tree size after 10 years Large tree size after 10 years
Attractive bark Attractive bark
Autumn colour Autumn colour
Open space planting Open space planting
Chalk tolerant Chalk tolerant
Tolerates exposed site Tolerates exposed site
Don't prune Don't prune