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Gage (Prunus) Jefferson
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Description: Jefferson is a good quality gage, which can crop heavily provided it has good pollination. Medium, round, yellow fruits. Flesh is bright golden yellow, very juicy and sweet. One of the best varieties to grow for dessert use! A hardy selection suitable for open areas and northern districts. The tree itself is moderate and upright in habit.

History: Raised by Judge Buel, Albany, New York, USA around 1825. It was named in honour of the US President. Introduced to the UK in 1841 through the Royal Horticultural Society.

Pollination Partners: Gage Cambridge Gage Dennistons Superb Plum Czar Plum Victoria Mirabelle de Nancy Mirabelle Ruby Damson Merryweather Damson Shropshire Prune

General attributes

Award-winning Award-winning

Uses for this variety

Gage Bite Eating

Fruit attributes

Flowering group 1 Flowering group 1
Picking month Early August Picking month Early August