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Plum (Prunus) Blue Tit
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Blue Tit


Parentage: Czar x Green Gage

Description: Blue Tit is an old Laxtons variety of excellent quality. Produces regular crops of blue-black fruits with blue-black bloom. Flesh is yellow with pleasant sweet-sharp flavour. Best for eating fresh from the tree. The tree itself is compact in habit so perfect for the smaller space in the garden. Pretty white clusters of blossom appear in the spring.

History: Developed by Laxton Brothers in Bedford, UK around 1938. Recieved an Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1995.

General attributes

Suitable for planting in any UK district Suitable for planting in any UK district
Award-winning Award-winning

Uses for this variety

Plum Bite Eating

Fruit attributes

Flowering group 2 Flowering group 2
Self-fertile Self-fertile
Picking month  August Picking month August