Cercis ‘Eternal Flame’ Wins HTA New Plant Award


We won Best In Trees Category for Cercis ‘Eternal Flame’ at the HTA New Plant Award.

Bred in the USA at the JC Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh. This wonderful new variety has the most dramatic foliage of any Cercis. The initial leaf is a dark red colour which turns orange, then yellow and finally to green. Throughout the season all these colours can be displayed at the same time in different proportions depending on the season. It has a semi-pendulous habit and in UK conditions can be grown as a multi-stemmed bush or small tree. Reaching up to 8-10ft in height in 5 years. Preceding the foliage are the typical pea like pink flowers of Cercis. Which become more in number as the tree matures and the more sunnier its location. 

Cercis 'Eternal Flame'

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