Frank P Matthews Invest in British Grown Trees


Here at Frank P Mattews we have been investing in British grown trees with over 1200 new mother trees having been planted within the last 12 months. Increasing the total on our site to nearly 3000 different varieties. This includes over 75 varieties of apples and an additional 17 varieties of birch.

Being self-sufficient with scion material has always been integral to our business. With increasing emphasis on “British Grown” this has never been more important.

Particular focus has been given to the most popular tree types: Malus, Prunus , Betula and the company’s highly successful apple breeding programme.

British Grown Trees
Trees growing in the new Propagation House

As well as new mother trees, additional virus-free certified rootstock stoolbeds of M26, M116 and EMLA M9 are being established. Enabling a significant increase in in-house production.

The dedicated propagation facility on the nursery has been renovated and expanded with heated tables and sophisticated climate control for monitoring temperature, wind speed and light levels. Key nursery staff have also been trained in more difficult propagation subjects involving specialist grafting and growing from softwood and hardwood cuttings.

Our investment will safeguard future supply and reassure our customers that all of our trees are grown here on the nursery from start to finish.

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