Steph James Plants Trees At Her Old School Moreton Hall


Steph visited Moreton Hall School earlier in the year to donate and plant the first tree as part of an orchard restoration. She has since returned to assist the Eco team with planting the remaining trees.

Steph James plants trees at Moreton Hall

Mrs Peel, who oversees Moreton Hall’s Eco team, commented. “It is wonderful to be able to get the orchard restoration underway with these fruit trees from Frank P Matthews. The apple, pear, damson and apricot trees will all help to return the Walled Garden to its former glory and create a space that everyone at Moreton can enjoy.

“We are also very grateful for Steph and Neil’s advice on pruning and management to start work to restore the espaliers.”

Steph praised the efforts involved in the restoration. “It was fantastic that the girls got involved and they are a credit to the school for really getting stuck in and being so interested.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to come back to Moreton Hall and be involved with this project. We are looking forward to seeing the trees establish and the garden develop. It is going to be a great space.”

Whilst onsite Steph also looked at the condition of the mature apple trees already in the orchard. To ensure these varieties are not lost, cuttings will be taken this winter and new trees propagated from them for future planting.

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