Cider and Perry

We grow a selection of the most popular cider and perry trees each year on a range of rootstocks and welcome the opportunity to grow to order.

Look out for the below symbols that indicate which trees are for making cider and perry.

Cider Apples

We grow the very best cider apple trees for their juicing qualities. The fruits are rich in tannins and sugars to create the most delicious drink. The cider apple varieties we grow are divided into four groups for their characteristics of their juice. A mixture of sweet, sharp, bittersweet and bittersharp for the best taste.

MM106 and MM111 for bush orchards are readily available for budding each year. We also grow two year straight lead on M25 for traditional orchards and stewardship schemes.

We are now raising the majority of our ciders on M116 which is phytophthora/collar rot and woolly aphid resistant and as productive and a similar size to MM106. Juice extraction from ciders can be around 450/500 litres per ton.

Click here to see the varieties of Cider Apples we grow.

Perry Pears

Cider and Perry 5

Our selection of perry pears provides juicy varieties which are perfect for fermenting pear juice.

There has been a renewed interest in Perry Pears in the last 10 years fuelled by the traditional market and the growth in ‘Pear Cider’.

Grown on both Pyrus Kirchensaller (seedling pear) and Pyrodwarf (A clonal rootstock with some fireblight resistance).

Click here to see the varieties of Perry Pears we grow.