Fruit Trees for Juice

Whether planted as a small farm shop operation, pick your own, or major commercial enterprise, juice can either be a bonus biproduct or the main reason for planting an orchard. There are some wonderful fruit trees for juice. We have a range of varieties that produce delicious juices of many different flavours. Some even have an attractive, naturally red/pink colour.

Some fruit trees are renowned for projecting an excellent juice in both flavour and output. Juice extraction from dessert apples can be roughly 850/900 litres per ton.

For a full list of varieties that are suitable click here, and look out for our juicing symbol that indicate which varieties are best for juicing.

A few good fruit trees for juice are recommended below.

Ashmead’s Kernel – strong, sweet-sharp, acid drop flavour and firm white flesh.

Bardsey – Pink over cream skin with lemon scent and refreshing flavour.

Charles Ross – Sweet flavoured eater which bakes well.

Christmas Pippin® – A high quality eating apple with a beautiful honey flavour.

Cox Self Fertile – Heavy crops of juicy and crisp fruits, sweet flavours.

Discovery – Crisp and juicy with a hint of strawberry.

Eden™ – Delicious, crisp, sweet and aromatic.

Fiesta – Rich, aromatic, sweet and crisp. Excellent garden tree.

Greensleeves – Pale, greenish yellow. Crisp, tangy, easy to grow eater.

Herefordshire Russet® – Exceptional eating quality, rich aromatic flavour.

Katy – Bright red, sweet, juicy, acid and firm. Excellent juice and palatable cider.

Limelight – A clean smooth finish, seems to glow when ripe.

Red Devil – Strong, fruity, strawberry flavour. Makes pink juice.

Red Falstaff® – Fruity, well-balanced flavour, crisp and a very juicy apple

Rosette™ – Light and sweet flavour with a hint of summer berries.

Surprize™ – Glossy orange skin with pink flesh. Crisp juicy and delicious.

TICKLED PINK Baya® Marisa – Red fleshed variety with pink/red flowers.

Worcester Pearmain – Firm, juicy flesh, very sweet with strong strawberry flavour.

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