Top Recommended Fruit Trees for Autumn

We have chosen five of the best fruit trees to plant this autumn. If you have space in your garden for all five then they will make a fantastic mini orchard. If you would like to plant just one tree, then it will be a great addition to your garden.

Autumn is the best time to plant fruit trees. Get them in the ground before Christmas and they will have the whole winter to settle in before new growth starts in spring. Fruit trees are easy to look after and within a few years will provide lots of delicious free fruit!

Click the varieties below to buy from our online Tree Shop. We can deliver to anywhere in mainland UK or you can collect from the nursery.

For advice on how to plant a fruit tree, click here if you are planting a container tree and click here if you are planting a bare root tree.

Plum Malling™ Elizabeth®

A special new plum tree named after Queen Elizabeth II for the Platinum Jubilee. Plum Malling™ Elizabeth® is delicious, sweet and heavy cropping. The fruit ripens in early July so you get a tasty start to the fruit season!

Apple Rosette™

Rosette is a lovely bright red apple with an attractive pink flesh. Sweet and juicy, it is delicious eaten fresh from the tree and makes a refreshing red apple juice! The tree is compact so ideal for small gardens. Fruit is ready to pick in August.

Pear Conference

A deservedly popular pear tree. Excellent flavour and very reliable cropper. Ripens in September and can be stored until November.

Cherry Summer Sun

These delicious cherries are dark red, firm and very sweet. A hardy variety, Summer Sun will produce a good crop in most areas of the UK.

Apple Scrumptious®

Scrumptious is our most popular apple tree. The flavour is superb and the thin red skin makes it ideal for children. Bright red apples ripen in September.

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