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Apple (Malus) Broadholme Beauty
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Broadholme Beauty


Parentage: Thought to be a cross between James Grieve x Lane’s Prince Albert, however, more recent DNA testing has revealed that this variety is actually the same as Lane's Prince Albert.

Description: Broadholme Beauty is from the village of the same name in Lincolnshire. This excellent, disease resistant, long keeping cooking apple is ideal for diabetics as there is little need for adding sugar. The fruit is shiny with smooth green skin, almost translucent in appearance. This apple produces heavy, regular crops. Its branches often appear to have a mild case of canker, a physiological condition.

History: Raised by Cecil Lovely in Lincolnshire in 2002. He was blind for almost his entire life (1914-2007) and each tree sold contributes a donation to the Blind Dogs Association, in his memory.

Pollination Partners: Apple Annie Elizabeth Apple Braeburn Apple Christmas Pippin Apple Eden Apple Golden Delicious Apple Herefordshire Russet Apple Howgate Wonder Apple Lord Derby

Uses for this variety

Suitable for cooking Cooking

Fruit attributes

Flowering group 3 Flowering group 3
Picking month Late September Picking month Late September
Stores until December Stores until December