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Apple (Malus) Beauty of Bath
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Beauty of Bath


Description: Beauty of Bath is a remarkably early hardy dessert apple, growing well all over Britain. Heavy crops of bright red flushed fruits on pale yellow and the flesh is often stained pink under the skin when fully ripe. Soft, very juicy, sweet, and a little acid, with distinctive flavours. The fruit drops from the tree quite suddenly and needs to be eaten in haste to be at it's best. An old remedy for reducing bruising was to scatter straw beneath the tree for a softened landing. Best eaten straight from the tree as it only keeps for a couple of days. An attractive white blossom in the spring and fresh green leaves.

History: Originated at Bailbrook, near Bath, Somerset, England and was introduced by nurseryman G.Coolings of Bath in about 1864. Received a First Class Certificate from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1887. It was a major commercial crop right up until the 1930s because it was one of the earliest-ripening varieties then and was valued for its handsome fruit!

Uses for this variety

Good Eater Eating

Fruit attributes

Flowering group 2 Flowering group 2
Self-fertile Self-fertile
Picking month Early August Picking month Early August
Does not keep Does not keep