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Apple (Malus) Chivers Delight
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Chivers Delight


Description: Chivers Delight is a looking good apple, one of the best keepers. Although no relation, Chivers Delight is very similar to Braeburn in flavour and texture. It's fruit is golden crisp, slightly waxy which helps it store well into January, only in a cool and dry place. Flesh is juicy with a sweet, honey flavour. Attractive pinkish white blossom and green leaves in the spring. A good garden apple for all areas!

History: Raised by Stephen Chivers of John Chivers Farms Ltd at Histon, Cambridgeshire, England between 1920 or 1936. Introduced in 1966. Parentage is unknown, but experts predict that Cox is some sort of relation.

Pollination Partners: Apple Annie Elizabeth Apple Charles Ross Apple Discovery Apple Ellison's Orange Apple Gala Apple Kidd's Orange Red Apple Laxton's Superb Apple Lord Derby

General attributes

Suitable for planting in any UK district Suitable for planting in any UK district

Uses for this variety

Good Eater Eating
Suitable for juicing Juice

Fruit attributes

Flowering group 4 Flowering group 4
Suitable for patio Suitable for patio
Picking month Early October Picking month Early October
Stores until January Stores until January