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Apple (Malus) Court of Wick
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Court of Wick


Description: Court of Wick is a red flushed eating apple. It's flesh is juicy and crisp with intense fruity flavour and yellow in colour. Skin is russet freckled over gold. The medium-sized fruits are ready to pick in October but they will hold onto the tree for quite a long time after that. Can be used to make home pressed apple juice and cider.

History: Originated from Court of Wick, Claverham, Nr Yatton in Somerset, England. Introduced by Mr Wood of Huntingdom in the 1790's. Probably arose a lot earlier. Widely grown in gardens during the 19th Century.

Pollination Partners: Apple Bloody Ploughman Apple Charles Ross Apple Christmas Pippin Apple Discovery Apple Fiesta Apple Gala Apple James Grieve Apple Laxton's Superb Apple Lord Derby

General attributes

Suitable for planting in any UK district Suitable for planting in any UK district

Uses for this variety

Good Eater Eating
Suitable for juicing Juice

Fruit attributes

Flowering group 3 Flowering group 3
Picking month Late September Picking month Late September
Stores until December Stores until December