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Orange with red flush. Large fruit cream white-flesh and a sweet light flavour. Good keeper, ideal for stewing. Read more


  • Uses: Eating
  • Storing: February
  • J Uses: Juice
  • Picking month: Early October
  • Pollination group 4
  • J Suitable for juicing
Full Description

Description: Annie Elizabeth is a traditional English cooking apple which produces large, round-oblong, rather irregular fruit. Orange-red flushed with bright broken crimson-red stripes. Cream-white flesh and has a sweeter, light flavour than most culinary varieties making it ideal for stewing, needing very little sugar. Beautiful crimson blossom in the spring and dark green leaves. Annie Elizabeth maintains a reputation as an excellent cropper that keeps well and is resistant to scab, canker and mildew.

History: The charm of the name was from the baby daughter of Samuel Greatorex, the Leicester magistrates clerk, who raised it in Knighton, Leicester in about 1857, or from the daughters of Mr Harrison who was a Leicester nurseryman who introduced it in around 1868. Said to be seedling of Blenheim Orange. Widely grown in commercial orchards before the Second World War and evidently popular in the Midlands and Northern England.

Pollination Partners: Apple Arthur Turner, Apple Bloody Ploughman, Apple Charles Ross, Apple Christmas Pippin, Apple Discovery, Apple Fiesta, Apple Herefordshire Russet, Apple Katy,

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