Flavor King Plumcot


Parentage: Plum x Apricot (Pluot)

Description: Flavor King is an newly introduced inter-species plum-apricot hybrid that combines the best qualities of both species into one crop. Fruits are oval-shaped, red-purple in colour with a smooth skin. The flesh is dark blood red with a spicy flavour, juicy and delicious plum-like tasting. They make the perfect dessert fruit for eating freshly picked from the tree. Early in the spring, it displays attractive white flowers that should be protected from the frosts.

Plumcot Growing Tips: Best planted in southern areas, in a sunny postition. Like Apricots, they would need to be grown under glass.

Pollination Partners: Any self-fertile Plums and Gages.


  • Pollination group: Pollination group 1
  • Picking month: August
  • Uses: Eating

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