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Liquidambar sty Palo Alto
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Liquidambar styraciflua 'Palo Alto'

Sweet Gum

Description: Moderate-growing deciduous tree with a narrow pyramidal growth-habit up to 20m. The young maple-like leaf has a slightly purple hue and reddish leaf stems. The leaves are somewhat smaller than typical of the species. In summer the foliage is bright green, turning orange-red to deep purple in autumn. Small yellow flowers in the summer are inconspicuous but are followed by round, spiky fruits that make an intriguing feature. The bark is very distinctive in appearance with deep furrows, and takes on a light grey hue as it matures.

Care: Liquidambar should be planted in full sun to achieve their best colour, in neutral to acid soil that is moist but well-drained. Once the trees mature, they tolerate occasional drought as well as periodic flooding. Protect from frost when young.

Height and Spread (after 10 years): 6m x 5m

General attributes

Text Green Foliage
Text Traditional

Ornamental attributes

Medium tree size after 10 years Medium tree size after 10 years
Attractive bark Attractive bark
Autumn colour Autumn colour
Open space planting Open space planting
Prefers acid soil Prefers acid soil
Clay tolerant Clay tolerant
Needs well draining site Needs well draining site
Replacement prune Replacement prune