New - Apple Little Pax

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 The newest variety introduction from Frank P Matthews. 


Little Pax® is a rich, aromatic dessert apple with a sweet essence similar to honeydew melon and a subtle but lingering champagne-like quality. Firm, crunchy skin, gives way to a smooth, juicy flesh. This apple is soon to be a family favourite!


 Year on year Little Pax® produces an abundance of stunning mid season spring flowers in vivid white and delicate shades of pink. The flowers also attract bees into the garden making it an excellent pollinator for other apple trees and great for wildlife.


Little Pax® develops a crop of rich reddish pink apples with rose red flecks and shades of soft yellow. As a late season dessert apple, it should be perfect for picking in October and keeps well throughout the winter into spring.




The Story of Little Pax®

Not too long ago, one little tree – with no name and of unknown origin – was gifted to St Cecilia’s Abbey in Ryde on the Isle of Wight.

Benedictine nuns at the 19th Century Abbey planted and nurtured this sapling in their beautiful and peaceful walled gardens overlooking the Solent. In this quiet and safe haven, the tree flourished and soon produced the most stunning spring blossom, followed by a bumper harvest of exceptional apples in late autumn.



Charitable donations from the sale of every Little Pax tree will be made to St Cecilia’s Abbey in Ryde to help with the up keep of the Abbey. More information on the Abbey can be found here.


This special apple tree is available on a selection of rootstocks through our stockists  around the UK.