Frank P Matthews Tree Season Begins!


As the sun rose this morning, we heralded the start of the highly anticipated 2024-2025 tree season. Garden enthusiasts, landscapers, and wholesale customers alike eagerly await this moment, marking the opportunity to explore and order from the widest range of high-quality trees in the UK.

A range of trees ready for dispatch at Frank P Matthews.

The Widest Range of Trees

The new season promises the most extensive range of trees ever offered by Frank P Matthews. From classic favourites to exciting new varieties, the selection caters to every gardening need and aesthetic preference. If you want to add colour to your landscape, grow fruit, or create a serene garden, we have the tree.

New Varieties for the 2024-2025 Season

This season introduces several new and noteworthy varieties among the impressive offerings. These include:

  • Apple ‘Apistar’: A unique star-shaped apple with a delightfully crisp texture and sweet flavour.
  • Apple ‘Peter’s Gold’: Discovered by the late Peter Seabrook, this apple boasts a yellow/green colour with a golden blush. It has sweet and juicy flesh and excellent winter storage.
  • Cercis ‘Ace of Spades: Known for its heart-shaped leaves that turn a rich purple in autumn. It’s a great tree for adding dramatic colour and texture to any landscape.
  • Cercis ‘Cascading Hearts’: A weeping variety featuring cascading branches covered in beautiful pink blossoms. It’s perfect for a focal point in small gardens.
  • Malus ‘Candied Apple’: A decorative crabapple with vibrant red fruit and stunning spring blossoms. Offers both ornamental beauty and wildlife benefits.
  • Malus ‘Madonna’: Celebrated for its large, white blossoms and attractive yellow fruit, adding elegance and charm to any garden.
  • Malus ‘Celebration’: With showy pink flowers and red fruit, this variety is a celebration of colour and biodiversity.
  • Prunus ‘Crystal Falls’: A breathtaking weeping cherry with cascading branches covered in white blossoms, creating a serene garden atmosphere.
  • Quercus ‘Boscobel Royal’: Propagated from the historic Royal Oak at Boscobel House, this oak tree symbolizes strength and heritage.

Easy Ordering for All Customers

This season retail customers can easily browse and order online through the Frank P Matthews website, enjoying the convenience of home delivery. Wholesale customers can also place orders online or contact the sales team directly to ensure they secure the best selection for their needs.

Commitment to Sustainability

Each season Frank P Matthews continues to lead the industry in sustainable growing practices. By investing in and implementing efficient sustainable practices, we enhance the quality of our trees and reduce our environmental footprint. Customers can be confident that their purchases support sustainable and responsible horticulture.

Customer-Centric Approach

“We are dedicated to providing exemplary service and the highest quality trees,” said Matthew Thomas, Frank P Matthews’ Sales Director. “We are excited to launch the new season and offer our customers an even wider selection of exceptional trees.”