Tree Council ‘Orchards for Schools’


We have teamed up with the Tree Council to provide the trees for their amazing ‘Orchards for Schools’ project.

Schools all over the UK can apply for a free pack of fruit-bearing, wildlife-enhancing, carbon-storing trees.

Throughout this winter we will be sending out over 1000 orchard packs and 1500 hedging packs to schools. Each pack will contain a mixture of varieties to include apples, pears, plums, hazelnuts, damsons and many native hedging varieties.

The aim is to inspire teachers and pupils around the country to get outdoors and connect with nature, whilst learning to plant and care for trees. Teachers will also receive an exciting set of resources, designed by teachers, that are linked to the national curriculum.

Green Lane Primary School are one of the many schools who have already received their Tree Council ‘Orchards for Schools’ pack. To read more about them click here.

For more information on the project click here

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