Trees For Birds

Trees create essential habitat for birds. They provide important nest sites and nest-building materials. Trees are home to many insects that birds feed on. Many trees also produce berries and fruit that birds love to eat in autumn and winter.

The berries provide food. Yellow or amber berries often last longer than red ones, as they are not as attractive to birds. White fruits are often the longest lasting of all.

All of these trees also produce beautiful flowers that are beneficial to insects.

Below is a few examples of which trees can be planted for birds. Look out for this symbol which indicates which trees can be planted to benefit birds.


The birds will take the red berries first leaving the obviously less appetising other colours until later. This way a collection of Sorbus can attract a wide variety of birds over several months. below are just a few example.


They are excellent natural bird feeds. Some varieties have very persistent fruit that remains on the tree well into winter, providing an excellent source for birds. Below are just a few examples.