Trees for Autumn Colour

Autumn foliage is especially important in the garden during September, October and November to bring some wonderful colours to the darker months. In all varieties the richness of the colours will be better on some soils than others and will vary from year to year.

With a bit of forward planning medium and larger gardens can enjoy a spectacular display of reds, yellows, purples and orange foliage. Or you can plant trees that give you beautiful crab apples or berries. These colours can last for several weeks. The below selection of well known ornamental trees will provide you with some fantastic colours throughout the autumn months.

Some of these species are offered large and small, with some of the smaller species being able to be grown in a pot. If you are limited for space but still want some firework displays of colour then we can still help you!

We also offer a range of Trees For Birds which produce beautiful foliage colours as well as growing berries and crab apples for feeding and providing habitat for birds.

The below symbol indicates the trees good for autumn colour. Keep an eye out for these on the product pages, our labels and catalogues.

Trees for Autumn Colour 3


Acer are a diverse and mostly hardy group with spectacular leaves, varying in size, shape and colour, which develop brilliant autumn colours.

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Trees for Autumn Colour 4

Acer palmatum

Acer palmatum feature graceful habits, elegantly cut leaves and colourful foliage through summer and autumn. Their slow growth make them perfect for growing in pots.

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Aesculus are mostly large, stately trees. Though some are compact small forms with variable attractive flower panicles of different colours and beautiful autumn foliage.

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Amelanchier are very hardy, small deciduous trees, most are compact and known for their masses of spring blossom, fruit for wildlife and lovely autumn colour.

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Trees for Autumn Colour 13


Betula are some of the most graceful trees providing interest through the seasons. Healthy summer foliage turns brilliant autumn shade before dropping to reveal ornamental bark.

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Trees for Autumn Colour 20


Carpinus are attractive, easily grown trees. The oval, furrowed leaves appear in spring along with fruiting catkins followed by stunning autumn colours, from yellow to purple.

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Trees for Autumn Colour 21


Cercidiphyllum are native to Japan and China. Attractive heart shaped foliage turns vibrant shades of orange, red and purple in autumn along with a spicy, burnt sugar aroma.

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Cornus are very hardy, beautiful trees. Both winter and spring flowering over several weeks. The glowing autumn foliage and showy, long lasting fruits add to this trees appeal.

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Cotinus are easy to grow large shrubs. Vibrant foliage from spring to autumn turns shades of red and orange. Clouds of tiny pinkish flowers in summer earn the name smoke tree.

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Cotoneaster are hardy trees popular for their year round interest. Most are semi-evergreen or evergreen, with the foliage turning vibrant shades of yellow through to red.

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Trees for Autumn Colour 6


Crataegus have diverse flowers and fruit, are extremely hardy and ideal for the smaller garden. They are deciduous, occasionally semi-evergreen with superb autumn colour.

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Trees for Autumn Colour 24


Euonymous are perfect for variety of purposes including as hedging and ground cover. Mostly know for the attractive fruits they also provide good autumn tints.

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Ginkgo are deciduous conifers well known for their remarkable leaf shape and tall slender habit. The unusual fan shaped foliage turns lovely shades of yellow in the autumn.

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Trees for Autumn Colour 14


Hamamelis provide good autumn colour, turning bright yellow and orange. Unusual spider like flowers are highly scented and vary in colour from yellow, to orange and red.

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Trees for Autumn Colour 7


Liquidambar are picturesque trees with maple-like leaves renowned for their spectacular autumn colours. They need moist but well drained soil and a sunny site.

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Malus are the most diverse of garden trees. There are many beautiful varieties, producing a dazzling range of blossoms, fruit, foliage, and habits.

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Metasequoia are fast growing deciduous trees worthy of wider distribution. They have all season interest with attractive bark and excellent autumn colour.

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Trees for Autumn Colour 26


Nyssa are highly ornamental trees, mainly grown for their stunning autumn colours. The best results are seen in areas with long hot summers.

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Trees for Autumn Colour 27


Parrotia, part of the Witch Hazel family are best known for their good autumn colour and ornamental bark, which flakes off providing an appealing texture.

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Prunus contains a diverse range of deciduous and evergreen trees. Flowering times range from winter to mid-summer and many varieties have spectacular autumn foliage.

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Pyrus are a varied range of trees for foliage, snowy white flowers, ornamental fruit and good autumn colour. Suitable for most soils, tolerant of drought and very hardy.

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Trees for Autumn Colour 17


Quercus are large deciduous trees which can reach 40m tall. Although mostly woodland trees, there are several varieties with ornamental value.

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Robinia are a variable group, containing majestic large specimens to small ornate, shrubby flowering trees. All have attractive pinnate leaves and pea-like flowers.

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Sorbus are diverse, hardy , generally small trees providing white, pink, yellow and red berries, delicate leaves and stunning autumn colours.

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Trees for Autumn Colour 29


Related to the Camelia, Stewartias are striking flowering trees with attractive autumn foliage and ornamental flaking bark.

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Taxodium are hardy, tall growing deciduous conifers noted for the attractive autumn colour of its lacy needles and fibrous bark.

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