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Acer x fre Autumn Blaze®
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Acer x freemanii 'Autumn Blaze' ®


Description: Acer x freemanii 'Autumn Blaze' is one of the best varieties for fiery autumn colour. The attractive yellow-green summer foliage turns into a spectacular display of red, orange and yellow autumn colours. In the winter, the bare branches boast silvery-grey bark adding all year round interest. A cross between Acer rubrum x Acer saccharinum. A vigorous hybrid with deeply cut leaves and a dense oval head.

History: Originated from the USA.

Acer Growing Tips: Very easy to grow in a wide range of well-drained soils. They thrive in sun but with partial shade to protect the leaves from scorch. A sheltered area away from strong winds is preferred.

Height and Spread (after 10 years) : 6m x 4m

General attributes

Text Yellow Green Foliage
Text Traditional

Ornamental attributes

Medium tree size after 10 years Medium tree size after 10 years
Fast growth rate Fast growth rate
Autumn colour Autumn colour
Open space planting Open space planting
Clay tolerant Clay tolerant
Don't prune Don't prune