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Albizia jul Chocolate Fountain?

Albizia julibrissin 'Chocolate Fountain' ™

Silk Tree

Description: Albizia julibrissin 'Chocolate Fountain' is a stunning purple weeping form of the Silk Tree. Delicate purple foliage and fluffy pink flowers. Quite a small variety, making it the perfect tree for smaller spaces or patio growing.

Albizia Growing Tips: Grow best in warm, sheltered sites on well drained and even impoverished soils. Easy to train as an informal fan across a south-facing wall or fence. Very suitable for milder parts of the UK but must be protected from frost.

Height and Spread (after 10 years) : 4m x 3m

General attributes

Protect from frost Protect from frost
Text Green Foliage
Text Bushy

Ornamental attributes

Small tree size after 10 years Small tree size after 10 years
Flowering month - July Flowering month - July
Needs well draining site Needs well draining site
Drought tolerant Drought tolerant
Needs full sun Needs full sun
Suitable for wall training Suitable for wall training
Replacement prune Replacement prune