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Apple (Malus) Cockle Pippin
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Cockle Pippin


Description: Cockle Pippin is a high quality apple in warm season. A rather small dessert apple, fruits are greenish-yellow flushed faint brown and slight traces of grey russet on the cheek of the fruits. Smooth skins, can be greasy if stored. Creamy white, firm fine-textured flesh which is dry but sweet with a pleasant flavour. Cooks to a smooth puree. An excellent cropper with good disease resistance!

History: Raised by Mr Cockle at Godstone, Surrey, England in about 1800. Widely popular throughout the 19th Century; grown in gardens and for markets.

Pollination Partners: Apple Adam's Pearmain Apple Bakers Delicious Apple Cornish Aromatic Apple Egremont Russet Apple Golden Pippin Apple Lord Lambourne Apple Red Windsor Apple St Edmund's Russet

Uses for this variety

Suitable for cooking Cooking

Fruit attributes

Flowering group 2 Flowering group 2
Disease resistance Disease resistance
Picking month  October Picking month October
Stores until March Stores until March