Cryptomeria japonica ‘Sekkan-sugi’ Japanese Cedar

Description: A lovely, small, conical conifer displaying colourful, evergreen foliage.. The herringbone shaped and surprisingly soft foliage is creamy yellow in spring, darkening to green in summer and then bronze and purple shades in the winter. Brown cones dangle on the ends of the pendulous branches in autumn.

Cryptomeria Growing Tips: Thrives in any deep, moist but well-drained soil, in dappled sun or part shade.

Height and Spread (after 10 years): 3m x 1.5m


  • Tree shape: Conical
  • Evergreen
  • Leaf colour: Green
  • S Size: Small
  • Chalk tolerant
  • Award-winning

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Cryptomeria japonica ‘Gracilis’

Japanese Cedar

Strong-growing, conical tree with open, outspread branches. Colour is a nice bright green year round.

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Cryptomeria japonica ‘Elegans’

Japanese Cedar

Bushy habit with feathery pale green foliage turning browny-green in summer. An attractive copper bronze in autumn.

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Cryptomeria japonica ‘Elegans Viridis’

Japanese Cedar

Dense coniferous tree of conical habit with attractive soft, needle like, bright golden leaves. Up to 4m after 10yrs.

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