Robinia x margaretta ‘Pink Cascade’ False Acacia

-Syn : Robinia x margaretta 'Casque Rouge'

Description: A very profuse and exotic rich pink flowering form of the false acacia tree. The lovely, fragrant flowers hang in racemes in June. Attractive dark green pinnate leaves turn yellow in autumn.

History: Bred at the Princeton Nurseries in New Jersey, USA.

Robinia Growing Tips: Grows in moderately fertile, will tolerate poor dry soils. Position in full sun or dappled shade, sheltered from cold winds.

Height and Spread (after 10 years): 5m x 4m


  • Deciduous
  • Growth rate: Fast
  • Leaf colour: Green
  • Flowering month: June
  • M Size: Medium
  • Replacement prune
  • Chalk tolerant
  • Drought tolerant
  • Scented flowers
  • Prefers acid soil

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False Acacia

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Robinia x slavinii ‘Hillieri’

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Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Lace Lady’® Twisty Babe

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