Marhlac Chestnut

Parentage: Laquepie x C. crenata

Description: Marhlac is an early mid-season hybrid. Vigorous with large mahogany-red nuts that store well.

Chestnut Growing Tips: Happier planted on lighter soils, acid to neutral is best, avoid chalk if possible. They dislike waterlogged soils, which can encourage 'ink disease' symtoms. Make sure you harvest the nuts daily to avoid the attention of hungry vermin!


  • Uses: Cooking
  • Uses: Eating
  • Picking month: Mid September

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Mid-season hybrid variety, upright with moderate vigour, shiny, dark mahogany-red nuts. Good for eating and cooking.

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Large, good storage and best for wet areas due to resistance to anthracnose and ink disease.

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Marron de Lyon


A good mid-season fruiting clone bearing at a very early age. Dark brown nuts arrive in September.

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