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Gage (Prunus) Old Green Gage
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Old Greengage


Description: Old Greengage is one of the best flavoured varieties. The RHS selected it for its excellent sweet flavour and more reliable crops. Produces heavy crops of green, red flushed fruits that have a greenish-yellow, sweet and delicious flesh that's tender. An ideal dessert variety with its melting flesh and pleasent scent, a real joy to eat!

History: Believed to have originated from Armenia and from there spread to Italy, Greece and France. Introduced to Britain under it's Italian name 'Parkinson' in 1629. Much later in the early 18th century, it aquired its new name after Sir John Gage.

Pollination Partners: Gage Cambridge Gage Dennistons Superb Plum Czar Plum Victoria Mirabelle de Nancy Mirabelle Ruby Damson Merryweather Damson Shropshire Prune

Uses for this variety

Gage Bite Eating

Fruit attributes

Flowering group 3 Flowering group 3
Picking month Mid August Picking month Mid August