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Pear (Pyrus) Glou Morceau
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Glou Morceau


Description: Glou Morceau is an excellent dessert pear with fine, melting and juicy texture and a classic pear flavour. Heavy cropper producing medium to large sized fruits, a pea green colour turning to pale yellowish-green with very little russet. Very good pollinator for other pear varieties. Pretty white blossoms appear in the spring and dark green foliage. Benefits growing against a warm, sheltered wall or fence.

History: Raised by Abbe Hardenpont of Mons, Belgium in 1750 and introduced to the UK in 1820.

Pollination Partners: Pear Beth Pear Conference Pear Louise Bonne of Jersey Pear Moonglow Pear Packham's Triumph Pear Williams Bon Chretien

Uses for this variety

Pear Bite Eating

Fruit attributes

Flowering group 2 Flowering group 2
Very good pollinator Very good pollinator
Picking month Early October Picking month Early October
Stores until January Stores until January