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Description: Avalon is one of the finest quality dessert plums that produces large, round-oval shaped, golden flushed red coloured fruits. Flesh is yellow, moderately juicy, fairly sweet and of good flavour. The stone seperates cleanly from the flesh, fairly freestone. Best when eaten straight from the tree but also makes a delicious jam and bakes well into puddings when they're pale red, slightly underipe. A strong growing tree with a tendency to be shy cropping in its early years and therefore recommended on VVA-1 rootstock. Beautiful clusters of white blossoms appear during the spring.

History: Raised at Long Ashton Research Station, Bristol in 1970. Later introduced in 1989. Thought to be a seedling of Plum Reeves.

Pollination Partners: Plum Czar, Damson Farleigh and Gage Dennistons Superb.

Uses for this variety

Suitable for cooking Cooking
Suitable for eating Eating

Fruit attributes

Flowering group 2 Flowering group 2
Picking month Mid August Picking month Mid August