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Quince (Cydonia) Aromatnaya
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Description: Aromatnaya, also known as Krymsk, is a heavy reliable and regular cropping variety that produces fruits in late summer. Fruit is a smooth rounded shape, not knobbly like most others. Yellow in colour and one of the few Quince's that claims of fresh eating qualities. A delicious tropical flavour, much like a pineapple. They can also be made into jellies, cheese (membrillo) and vodka! Attractive pale pink flowers appear during the spring followed by rounded silver leaves which make this tree a lovely feature for any sunny garden.

History: Originates from southern Russia during the 1900s.

Quince Growing Tips: Perform at their best when planted in a sunny position. Happy in most soils as long as they are particularly moist yet well-drained. Easy to look after and not prone to many of the more common fruit problems, although some varieties can be susceptable to Quince Leaf Blite. The fruits can be stored in a cool, dry and dark place on shallow trays for up to three months. Allow the fruits to mature for six weeks before using.

Uses for this variety

Suitable for cooking Cooking
Suitable for eating Eating

Fruit attributes

Flowering group 3 Flowering group 3
Self-fertile Self-fertile
Self-fertile Tip-bearer
Picking month  September Picking month September
Stores until October Stores until October