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Acer dav VIPER® 'mindavi'
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Acer davidii VIPER® 'mindavi'


Description: Acer davidii VIPER 'mindavi' is a deciduous, upright form of snake bark maple. A fine selection with dynamic white and green striated bark that resembles snakeskin. Dark green foliage turn into a lovely orange colour in the autumn. A cluster of flowers appear in the spring followed by winged fruits that ripen to a red-brown colour.

Acer Growing Tips: Very easy to grow in a wide range of well-drained soils. They thrive in sun but with partial shade to protect the leaves from scorch. A sheltered area away from strong winds is preferred.

Height and Spread (after 10 years) : 4m x 3m

General attributes

Text Green Foliage
Text Traditional

Ornamental attributes

Small tree size after 10 years Small tree size after 10 years
Attractive bark Attractive bark
Autumn colour Autumn colour
Clay tolerant Clay tolerant
Wet tolerant Wet tolerant
Hard prune Hard prune