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Apple (Malus) Bramley 20
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Bramley 20


Discription: Bramley 20 is a compact version of Bramley’s Seedling, 20% less vigorous with heavier crops. It can be used on several rootstocks, allowing Bramley apples to be grown in any size space. An exceptional sharp flavour and produces a delicious puree when cooked. Fruits are a pale green flushed red or orange. Pure white, cup-shaped blossom arrives in late spring. Highly recommended cooking variety for the smaller garden!

History: Developed in Bristol, England in the 1970s.

Pollination Partners: Apple Bloody Ploughman Apple Charles Ross Apple Christmas Pippin Apple Discovery Apple Fiesta Apple Gala Apple James Grieve Apple Laxton's Superb Apple Lord Derby

Uses for this variety

Suitable for cooking Cooking
Suitable for juicing Juice

Fruit attributes

Flowering group 3 Flowering group 3
Self-fertile Tip-bearer
Triploid Triploid
Suitable for juicing Suitable for juicing
Suitable for patio Suitable for patio
Picking month Early October Picking month Early October
Stores until March Stores until March