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Apple (Malus) Katy
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Parentage: James Grieve x Worcester Pearmain

Description: Katy is a very attractive, early dessert apple. The fruit is an overall bright scarlet with flecks and broken stipes of deeper colour. An early fruit that is firm and juicy, fine-textured and has a pleasant strawberry-like flavour. Makes excellent fresh juice, a palatable cider and is also good for baking a delicious apple crumble. Heavy and regular cropping and an excellent pollinator variety. A good choice for northern gardens.

History: Raised at Balsgard Fruit Breeding Institute, Sweden in 1947. On trial at National Fruit Trials, UK since 1968. Originally known as Katja but was renamed Katy by Sir James Mount, a fruit grower from Kent. A very popular commercial variety throughout Sweden.

Pollination Partners: Apple Bloody Ploughman Apple Charles Ross Apple Christmas Pippin Apple Discovery Apple Fiesta Apple Gala Apple James Grieve Apple Laxton's Superb Apple Lord Derby

General attributes

Comparatively trouble free Comparatively trouble free
Suitable for planting in any UK district Suitable for planting in any UK district

Uses for this variety

Good Eater Eating
Suitable for juicing Juice

Fruit attributes

Flowering group 3 Flowering group 3
Very good pollinator Very good pollinator
Suitable for patio Suitable for patio
Picking month Early September Picking month Early September
Does not keep Does not keep