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Mirabelle (Prunus) Gypsy
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Description: Gypsy is a modern variety, produces a heavy crop of large, bright red fruits with a sweet orange flesh; sugary rich and juicy in flavour. One of the best fruits for eating fresh, but can also be used for cooking too. Stunning white blossom early in the spring and large dark green leaves.

History: Originated from Ukraine in 1995.

Pollination Partners: Mirabelle de Nancy Mirabelle Countess Plum Avalon Plum Herman Plum Rivers Early Prolific Gage Jefferson Gage Dennistons Superb Gage Golden Sphere

Uses for this variety

Suitable for cooking Cooking
Mirabelle Bite Eating

Fruit attributes

Flowering group 1 Flowering group 1
Picking month Late August Picking month Late August