Trees for Celebrations and Memorials

There can be no finer way to mark the important stages in our lives than to plant a tree. There are many trees for celebrations and memorials that we would recommend planting. Celebrate or remember your loved one by planting a tree with beautiful blossom, wonderful foliage, or delicious fruits.

Trees for celebrations and memorials are there to capture special moments or memories of your loved ones. A thoughtful gift idea for a birthday, anniversary, wedding and many more.

Trees to celebrate a birth

Celebrate a baby’s birth with a tree gift that will grow and flourish throughout their lifetime. A perfect gift from godparents, friends and family. These trees are also good to celebrate Christenings.

Cherry – A Christian symbol of sweetness and goodness, and an emblem of the infant Jesus.

Ilex (Holly) – The tree of good luck and protection.

Peach – For the Chinese, symbol of youth, good fortune, and long life.

Pear – A traditional symbol of health, fortune and hope. In rural Switzerland a pear tree was planted on the birth of a baby girl.

Castanea (Sweet Chestnut) – In Christianity of goodness, chastity and triumph over temptation.

Trees to mark a marriage

A beautiful tree to celebrate the marriage of a happy couple. A special wedding present that will grow with happy memories, and flourish with strength as your love does.

Fagus (Beech) – Known as the trysting tree, where lovers met and into which messages of love were carved.

Tilia (Lime) – Associated with laughter and fun. Garlands of line were woven for Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sensual love and beauty.

Quercus (Oak) – A very sacred tree, seen as the symbol of fertility for centuries.

Walnut – Associated with love, marriage and childbirth by the Greeks.

Trees to commemorate a loved one

A tree to celebrate the life of a loved one. These can be used for funerals, for planting at home or in a location they loved. A symbol of life planted to remember the memories, also giving family and friends a place to visit and feel close to the person who has passed away.

Betula (Birch) – Long associated in the Christian tradition with the holy spirit.

Elderflower – The tree of sorrow and death in European nations.

Pinus (Pine) – In China, pine trees were planted on graves. It represents longevity, courage and faithfulness.

Taxus (Yew) – In many cultures as well as in the Christian tradition, symbolic of immortality.